My Own Corner of the World

He tells me that I can’t drink away all of my problems.

Watch me.

He thinks he’s the only one keeping me afloat.

But really, he’s the one person whose grasp around my neck tightens with ever attempt at laughter.

Some people, they just don’t understand.

They’ve never experienced that immediate twinge of belonging you get when your lips brush against the piercing cold beer bottle.

They’ve never felt that sudden rush you get when the razor slits open your skin, and all of your dark secrets trickle out.

And most importantly, they’ve never blocked themselves away from the rest of the world.

Because sometimes, choking on your tears becomes too much to handle.


3 responses to “My Own Corner of the World

  1. jenae, you’re writing is amazing.
    i would comment on all of this but it would be weird.
    but damn.

  2. omg ur writting is amazing.
    ive said this b4 but is true.

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