A Trail of Tears

My life has plummeted; it took a big drop.

I’ve got to keep running; I won’t let my feet stop.

I keep reminding myself: keep your head up high.

Whatever you do, never let him see you cry.

I was the only one able to see past his tough skin.

I was the first one he ever let in.

He has become a part of me.

He showed me how dark this world can be.

The rain pours down, washing my soul.

The pain has taken over, I’m losing control.

My nights are lonely, covered in red.

I wake up several times, with blood covering my head.

How would my life be different if he wasn’t here?

Would I still be mute, stricken with fear?

I really need an escape; to dream out loud.

But he sent me spiraling down, alone with that heavy cloud.

When I hit rock bottom, there was no one around.

I guess I’m still lost, just waiting to be found.

My cries for help have vanished with my real smile.

No one in my life has sat down and stayed for awhile.

It’s like I really don’t matter, I really am dead.

If my life was taken away, not a tear would be shed.

Where is my savior, the one with the helping hand?

My feet are suspended in the air; I need some sturdy land.

Nothing is safe for me anymore, nothing is all right.

I’m left with my problems and an unforgettable night.

The pills are in my hand, so is the blade.

My vision is blurring, it’s starting to fade.

I say goodbye, this time it’s real.

Here’s for you, I wonder how it’ll make you feel.


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